Feb 2010 - Vaal River - Yellowfish Report - by Gerald "Forever Young"

Feb 2010 - Vaal River - Yellowfish Report - by Gerald "Forever Young"

Submitted by forever young on Wed, 2010-03-03 08:33

Hi fellow fishermen.
Those whom have read my profile 'forever young' will know I reside at Deneysville, Vaal dam.
On 29 January 2010, Vaal dam was 110% with 14 gates open.
Those whom are interested can contact me and I will e mail some superb photos to you. My e mail,   youngg@dwaf.gov.za.

Tried to do some flyfishing for yellows below the wall after the floods on 20 feb.
You just can't believe how the force of the water released from the dam, has changed the river bed with massive rocks lifted and dumped all over the place. Having fished this section of the river many years, I found I will have to learn the river bed all over again.
Water temp was cold and only caught a couple of small yellows and a carp of about 5.5 lbs on a ddd fly.
Good yellow catches on heavy sinking larwe imitations were made on 21 Feb. from a site called 'Rapids Paradise' which is immediately downstream of the road bridge at the Vaal dam wall.
When the floods were on in full swing on 29 Jan. large numbers of carp swam upstream against the current and ended up below the dam wall. Now that the flood gates have been closed, they are now resting along the banks of the river where locals are spearing, netting, jigging and throwing big rocks capturing a large amount of these fish.

I foresee that after a few months the bank anglers 'pap gooiers' will have good catches in the large pools below the wall especially at 'Rapids Paradise' and 'River view' at Vaalbank.
The best time we have found to really catch some superb yellows is from March to May. They seem to grab any imitation and my favourite is a home made orange and black chenele weighted wasp imitation.
Home made dragonflys and metalic green/white weighted larwe also work great.
On Saturday 6 March  we will be there again satisfying our addiction 'Hooked on yellows'